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Name: Brittany
Age: Sixteen
Location: Pennsylvania
Likes/Interests: You can see my profile for those, there are lots. :)
Dislikes: Ignorance and intolerance
Favorite Books: Francesca Lia Block is my favorite writer of all time. My favorite book of hers is Wasteland. I'll read anything by Augusten Burroughs, Laurie Notaro, Julie Anne Peters,  and Alex Sanchez. I adore the Georgia Nicolson series. Some of my other favorite books are The Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey, The Lovely  Bones by Alice Sebold, The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, The Pact and My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult, When Dad Killed Mom by [something] Lester, What Happened to Lani Garver by Carol Plum-Ucci, and A Home at the End of the World by Michael Cunningham... to name a few, hehe. I really do enjoy young adult books a lot, though I also love books that would interest more mature readers. I also love children's books and select biographies. I just love books!

I do write, yes. :) Here is some of my poetry:


You, a white mare
Running, running through my thoughts
I think that your gallop is my heartbeat
Steady and strong, and it wasn't always this way,
Not before you came along
Before you came along
I think my heart was slowly dissolving,
Like a pill in water
Like a sun that may or may not
Rise again
I was running quickly,
Backwards to nowhere
Far before where I had ever started
That's what happens sometimes,
In the case of traumatic events
You see, then shut your eyes
With plans to never open them again
You scream, and then maybe,
Just maybe you won't hear the voice
Of your lost love,
Returning to haunt you
But sometimes
Something beautiful grows
From a dying thing
I realized,
I realized that I was dying
And sometimes, that's the only thing
That makes you realize just how much
You want to live
You made me realize
That I want to live
And you made me see
That there is never an end,
but only beginnings
If you listen closely
Maybe you can hear my thoughts
And if you watch closely
I think you'll see
That I am falling so fast
Falling so fast
Into this bliss, and
Falling so fast
Into your arms,
Into your arms
I know that you will catch me
And when I write a poem for you,
That is how you will know that I love you
When I put my heart into words,
Meant only for you
That is how you will know that I love you
I love you



I can smell the smoke in your hair
And as I brush the dirt from your clothing, I think to myself,
She barely made it out alive.
You, baby you can be your own Hell sometimes
But I want to take you high and above.
I want to prove to you that there’s something above this,
That angels do exist.
There’s a whole world you haven’t seen.
It’s dancing right above your head,
Celestial beings, love and light. Life,
Life after your sudden death.
So if, by chance, you decide to take my hand
Then I’ll show you what you’ve been missing.
Maybe you’ve lost your faith but I know,
I know that I can bring it back.
Run away with me, lost girls trying
Trying to find their place in life,
Finding love and losing loss.
Comfort in each others’ arms

 Add me if you want, I always love new friends. <3

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