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So I was all... floating around different online communities for a while, but I think I might like to get back into LJ a bit?


Name: Yana
Age: 19
Location: NYC
Likes/Interests: Currently: french and deviantart. But usually: World of Warcraft, web/graphic design, all sorts of odds and ends (alexander the great, traveling, languages, being a retard, anime<--though not so much anymore)
Dislikes: politics. PLEASEEEE no politics.
What Books? Good books? With good characters? Ok: House of Leaves, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Charioteer, The Great Gatsby, The Little Prince, mostly anything by Mary Renault, really. And E.E. Cummings.
Do you write: I wanted to be a Creative Writing major, but two weeks ago I had a midlife crisis and decided I probably don't.
Anything Else? I'm addicted to dA right now (http://www.yanachka.deviantart.com) et je cherche quelqu'un avec que je peux parler français. [avec qui or avec que?]. Um, yeah, I'm from Ukraine.
Any Pictures? In fact, I took one the other day: here.

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