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Short and Quick

I need friends. That's why I'm posting on addme communities.

How/Who I am? I'm a guy, who loves reading and writing and getting to know people. I read a lot of popular books since no one ever recommends me non-popular ones that are good. I'm a techy/geeky/nerdy cause I do own a degree in computer. But all the while I studied back then, my classmates always asked why I took computer cause i don't really look like I belong. So whatever. I love to run and swim and dance. You can tell, I get active a lot. But around this time, I say its not enough. I like music, tv and movies of all kinds. So whatever genre they are, I might know a thing or two about them...but if not, I'd lend an attentive ear to whatever it is that's new or I haven't come across yet.

What do I write in my journalPersonal stuff. All the questions, analysis and answers on finding love and struggling through my career. And other not so important things people share over coffee and stuff.

Who I want to add me? If your blog is about your day-how it went smoothly or how it messed up your whole life--points for you. Add me right away. Cause I like reading that stuff and getting to know you. If you're updating on a daily basis and its all about some pointless stuff and its just a simple two sentence post, then don't add me.

And something to clear up, I don't really like memes. So I tend to look past them and roll to the next entry. I comment most of the time, so I kinda expect the same. It's a semi-friends only journal, so if you want to add me, add me and comment on this post or in my journal. Thanks. :)
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