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I'm Kez...short for Kestral.
Im an angsty teen who loves soft rock and can't wait for UNI (I want to sudy pscology like my fav author, Tammy pierce).
My favourite foods are chilli noodles, marshmellows and toffee fudge.
I dress boho working on my own style, I took GSCE texiles.
Have ever been to camden market and had an indian head massage? :-0 those things are like orgasms.
Im growing my afro and wondering if I will ever have long hair...
I read a book every day. The last book that made me cry was Lord of the Flies.
When I went to hosptital on friday, I couldn't get this couplet out of my mind

How can a bird that is mad for joy/ sit in a cage and sing?
William Blake

This basically sums up my whole attitude to life. When life suround you, trying to squash you into a box with everybody else, how can you be really happy? I'm most happy when Im being myself, alone or reading or writing poems.
When you go out of you way trying to be different 9 times out of ten you end up just like everybody else;-) Never foget it.

Add me, i like new friends, and new ideas. I bet you can tell me something I havn't heard yet x :-)
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