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hello literate friends

My name is Michelle, but some call me Kat.
I'm eighteen.
I am currently living with my boyfriend and our kitten, Jack Bauer, in Santa Monica, CA, and going to college.
I really like music. I also like being smart. I enjoy vampires, and scary things. However, I mostly like really bright and sparkly things.
I do not like impatience, bad bubble tea, bananas in smoothies, or bad plots in books/movies.
My favorite books: Prey by Michael Crichton, The Shining by Stephen King, Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, and basically things of that ilk. I also read Harry Potter, some teen fic (Sarah Dessen books...), and of course, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.
I write occasionally. Not really anything good or interesting though.
You should definitely add me.
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