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Hoping to meet new people!

I have too few people friended who actually use their lj these days and I miss commenting and having people comment on my stuff!
Also, I love book - so this place seems a reasonable place to look.

Name: Laila
Age: 21
Location: Germany
Likes/Interests: Books -- Chreative Writing -- Movies -- Music -- Theatre -- Babysitting -- Poetry -- Ranting -- TV-shows -- Going out -- Choir -- Translating
Dislikes: Domestic stuff -- The state of the World -- Bad Lecturers -- Bad Books being Bestsellers -- Apple, I-Pod & I-Tunes -- Dust on my Nick-Knacks
What Books? Usually either classics (Of Human Bondage, Pride & Prejudice, The Picture of Dorian Gray etc.) or more modern general fiction (Life of Pi, Everything is Illuminated, The Shadow of the Wind, The curious incident of the Dog at the Nighttime, Never let me go, Extremely loud & Incredibly close).
Do you write? In what sense? I love creative writing but I seldom have time for it lately. In my Journal there are mostly rants on my daily life, short reviews of books I read and other random stuff.
Anything Else? I'm really nice? :-)

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