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It's New~~!!!!

01. Your name: Chad

02. Your age: 24

03. Where you live: St. Augustine Fl

04. Love life: Married to my wonderful wife Shannon. I also have a 4 month old son, Logan.

05. Likes: My family, laid back, Art, Livejournal, hanging out with my friends, eating, traveling, basketball, video games, pool, video taping all the random insane things that happen, I love all kinds of music. I don't stick to one genre because that's boring. I can go from listening to Sublime to Tu Pac. From Red Hot Chili Peppers to OffSpring. Variety is the spice of life...etc

06. Dislikes: Shallow people, rude people, stupid people, cheaters, liars, backstabbers, people who do nothing but complain, people who are two faced, Ciggarette smoke, druggies, and drunk drivers. When people judge you solely based upon appearance. Animal abusers. Bible thumpers and people who get all up in my face about religion. Save the drama for your mama! People who try to intentionally piss me off. Closemindedness. Dumbasses.

07. Looking for: friends that will aknowlage me and comment to my posts

08. Pictures: Check out my User info or Friends Only page

More about me: I'm Chad. A 24 year old male living in St. Augustine Florida. I have an amazing wife named Shannon, and my son named Logan.

My son Logan was born with a heart defect. He had heart surgery when he was one month old. Now he is fine and is home with us.

Right now I work full time with a cleaning company but I am saving money to open my own buissness. My wife works part time at the school board and we share Logan five days a week. I work nights and she works mornings. I spend my days off doing various things. I love spending time with my wife and son, and we usually find something interesting/crazy to do. I love going to the park and playing basketball, hiking, & going to the gym. I enjoy nature and being outside very much. I'm a very active person and staying inside all the time drives me crazy!

I'm very creative and I love art in all forms. Drawing is my main creative outlet. I'm always coming up with new ideas. I find beauty in desolate, decayed atmospheres... things that were once loved and cared for, and then left to rot. You will find this theme in a lot of my art work. I'm very real & down to earth. I don't have an ego problem. I can be pretty shy and reserved in situations where I don't know people well, but once I get to know you I'm very open and talkative.

I like food. I'm always hungry. blueberrys are always my favorite.
I'm Itlain so I also love Itlain food.
I drink about 10 bottles of water every day.
I'm a Sagittarius! Half horse half man!
Point me in the direction of a basketball and you're my new best friend.
I like to take walks at night.
Sublime is my favorite music group.
I'm the youngest of three. I have two older sisters.
I like video games esp Resident Evil.
I also love poetry. I may make radam posts about poetry if you friend me.
I eat about 15 pounds of fruit a week.
I try to stay cool because I have a very very very bad temper.

I'm also a BIG X-Men fan! My middle name is "Wolverine". And yes my parents gave me that.
My son Logan's middle name is also "Wolverine".
I want to go to Italy more than anywhere else in the world!

my wife and I

me and my kitty

If you stumble across this and think we've got a lot in common or you just want to be my friend or something, I don't mind if you friend me. I like having more online friends, and will almost definitely add you back. It'd be cool though, if you'd leave me a little comment to let me know you're doing it. Just a "Hey, I added you!" would suffice.
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