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Im still up at 3am...

Name:Courtney, wether I like it or not
(some of the)Anime I like:Utena, Kodocha, Card Captor Sakura, Gurren Lagann, 1970's Yatterman
(some of the)Books I Like:Lolita, Through the looking Glass, Series of Unfortunate Events, Chronicles of Narnia
(some of my)Favorite Authors/Poets:Vladimir Nobakov, Lewis Carrol, Tennyson, Lord Byron, Robert Browning
Whats in my journal:Ranting about anime, memes, random ranting at times like this when I should be sleeping instead of lurking the internet
Other crap:Im crazy about military uniforms, Brittish TV, Paul McCartney and am currently replacing my sugar addiction with a tobbaco one. Im planning on studying in St.Petersburg and dont know if I have it in me to come back to America, haha
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